The NBA All-Star Game is not skimping on the star power when it comes to the halftime show. Rihanna has just been announced as the headliner of the televised event airing live from the Staples Center, next Sunday (Feb. 20).

Although details surrounding her performance remain under wraps, the red-headed pop star announced the news via her Twitter page Tuesday (Feb. 8). "I get the entire halftime show @ NBA All-Star Weekend!" she wrote, in response to a fan's inquiry regarding her birthday plans.

RiRi isn't the only big name music act hitting the show. Singer Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars have been added to the pre-show line-up. Nick Cannon will act as host of the pre-show event, which airs from L.A. Live. Hilson and Mars will perform on a special Magenta T-Mobile carpet, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the cell-phone company.

"T-Mobile will host several events leading up to All-Star that will give our customers the chance to experience the excitement first-hand, either through attending Magenta Carpet or going to one of the games," T-Mobile Vice President of Marketing, John Clelland, told

TNT will air pre-show festivities beginning at 5PM EST, while the All-Star Game begins at 8PM.

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