After shutting down reporters and interviewers left and right with her intimidating side-eye and remarks about their "disappointing" and "frustrating" questions, it looks like Rihanna has met her match! The singer was put on the spot by Australian comedic duo and radio hosts Hamish & Andy and exposed for "stealing" the hook for her Loud album hit "Man Down."
During their radio interview with RiRi, Hamish & Andy recalled a previous talk with the pop star, during which they jokingly presented a possible melody for her next hit. The duo played the audio from that interview during Ri's most recent visit.

"If you think of a tune, and you're sort of humming something in the morning, do you call Jay-Z immediately and say, 'How about this? Ra Pa Pa Pom Pa Pa Pom Pa Pa Pom?'" Hamish & Andy asked. "By the way, if we hear 'Ra Pa Pa Pom Pa Pa Pom Pa Pa Pom' in one of your songs, we're going to know where you got it from!" they added in jest. Rihanna answered, "I wont do that to you," as she laughed.

As Ri listened to the recording, she covered her mouth, trying to hold back her embarrassment and laughter. The "Ra Pa Pa Poms," of course, found their way into her 2011 hit "Man Down" -- as a red-faced Rihanna blurted out, still covering her face in shame.

"That is so funny! Honestly!" Rihanna exclaimed, jokingly adding, "I need a lawyer!"

Busted! Obviously, Hamish & Andy were just messing with Rihanna, but it's great to see the interviewers hold the power over the celeb interviewee for once!