Despite being one of the highest charting female artists of all time, Rihanna is having a difficult time selling tickets. According to the NY Post, the Barbados-born singer has been advised by her new manager to cancel several domestic dates on her upcoming Loud tour with opener Cee Lo Green, due to lackluster ticket sales.

"It has been a big disappointment," claims the Post's source. "The ticket sales in big US cities like Boston are so bad, they will barely cover basics like the lighting and other arena costs. Tour managers are begging local radio stations to do giveaways."

One such market is Rihanna's July 24 performance at TD Garden arena in Boston, Mass. which requires 15,000 ticket sales to break even, but only a reported 3,700 tickets have been sold, resulting in a possible loss of over $500,000 for that date alone.

The 'S&M' singer suffered a similar struggle last year, on her Last Girl on Earth tour, forcing her to cancel dates in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Indianapolis. Following the tour, she parted ways with her manager, Marc Jordan, who is credited with launching her career.

Rihanna's Loud tour kicks off June 4 in Baltimore, and continues across North America, with stops in Toronto, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia and New Jersey. The rest of the tour's domestic and international dates appear to be still up in the air.

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