Concertgoers can be obnoxious sometimes. In the video below, shot at yesterday's Birmingham, England stop of Rihanna's "Diamonds World Tour," there is no question that the concertgoer in question is out of line for grabbing onto Rihanna's sleeve while the singer was walking along the crowd. The need to interact with a favorite artist in the flesh is understandable, but Rihanna had a whole audience to entertain and furthermore, could have been hurt had enough force been applied.

But Rihanna's response to the incident certainly crosses the line. Rihanna is filmed turning towards the fan and actually swinging her microphone in his or her direction. It is not clear whether the fan actually got hit with the microphone, but there is definitely movement in the crowd in response, as if somebody got hurt.

Needless to say, it would not be a surprise for a lawsuit to stem from this incident. While the "Diamonds World Tour" has certainly been a milestone in a lot of respects for Rihanna, including making her the youngest ever to headline Paris' National Stadium a couple of weeks ago, it has also received some flak. Rihanna was forced to cancel several shows early on due to sickness and has also had incidents where she showed hours late at certain venues.