Leave it to the folks at Rolling Stone to give Rihanna's bottom a nice little shine. The 'What's My Name?' singer graces her first cover of the magazine -- on newsstands this Friday (April 1) -- wearing a sparkling, half-missing pair of daisy duke shorts that were reportedly sprayed onto her body.

While Ri Ri's mug is no stranger to magazine covers -- she's currently on the front of Vogue's April issue -- this is surprisingly what appears to be her first Rolling Stone cover story, despite her numerous hit singles and albums. While details on the article are scarce, the title, "Pop's Queen of Pain on Sexting, Bad Boys & Her Attraction to the Dark Side," suggests that the writer popped in a question or two about her drawn out public debacle with former flame Chris Brown and her raunchy 'S&M' video.

Only last week, Rihanna made headlines on The BoomBox when she shot down another reporter who delved on the subject of Brown, telling them, "I wanted people to move on from it, [because] the last big thing they know about me is that night."

Rolling Stone promises "juicy details" on Rihanna's feature online this Wednesday.

Watch Rihanna's 'S&M'
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