RihannaChris Brown had his chance, now it's Rihanna's turn to break her silence. Good Morning America will feature the 21-year-old Friday (Nov. 6), in her first television appearance since being assaulted by Brown in February. The interview will run both on the ABC morning show plus an extended version on 20/20 Friday night.

Details behind what Rihanna will talk about have yet to be revealed, but according to the news tease, the Grammy winner will be telling "her story." The interview comes just as the singer is promoting her forthcoming album 'Rated R.' The first single, 'Russian Roulette,' hit the net in late October stirring criticism that the song glorified suicide and devil worship. The video, directed by Anthony Madler, will also premiere on ABC Friday.

Following the public ordeal with Brown, Rihanna has remained mum on the details of that night. Brown gave his first post-assault interview to Larry King in September, where he stated that he did not remember hitting the pop star. He has since said that he has learned from his mistakes and will never hit a woman again. "I can be certain as Christopher Maurice Brown that it won't happen," he said in an interview. "I'm doing my domestic violence counseling classes and I see the hurt that it's put a lot of people through. I've seen the hurt that it's put my family through. Whether it's been my family, Rihanna, [or] anybody and I don't want to inflict that on anyone."

Brown was sentenced to five years probation, six months community labor, completion of a domestic violence course, and is not to have contact with Rihanna. The two will coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) release their albums within weeks of one another. 'Rated R' hits stores Nov. 23, followed by Brown's 'Graffiti', which is due out Dec. 15.