Rihanna is clearly ready to forgive and forget. Her recent escapades traipsing about Berlin with Chris Brown seem to indicate the two are back together -- and her most recent Instagram offers even more evidence. Although the duet between the two on her latest album Unapologetic is called "Nobody's Business" Ri Ri's rampant use of social media seems to suggest that she wants the world to know.

After finishing up her press junket laden 777 tour that hit seven cities in seven different countries in a mere seven days, Rihanna flew straight to Berlin to meet up with Brown. After the pair spent Thanksgiving together in Germany it looks like Rihanna doesn't want to leave her ex-abuser's side. She captioned the photo with that very sentiment, "I don't wanna [sic] leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"


Just how weird is this going to get? How can a woman so successful and beautiful not see the writing on the wall? And if Brown really has reformed, why is he still pulling shit like all those disgusting tweets attacking Jenny Johnson?

Maybe it wouldn't feel so slimy if the "Diamonds" singer wasn't flaunting their reunion so publicly. Stay tuned for official back together announcements from the pair -- which will likely come via Twitter or Instagram.

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