The publicized domestic violence dispute between Rihanna and Chris Brown is inching closer to an end. The Bajan songstress originally filed a restraining order against Breezy after his 2009 assault case, when a judge ordered him to stay 50 yards away from her over the next five years. But it seems that she's had a change of heart.

According to Rihanna's lawyer, she has requested that the order be dropped to a level one, meaning that they can have contact as long as he doesn't "annoy, molest or harass her." The court request comes nearly two years to the date after Brown physically assaulted Rihanna in a sports car on the way to the Grammy Awards.

During a court appearance in January, Brown moved to drop the restraining order because it could be a "problem with award shows," with the order forbidding the two from coming within 10 yards at any given ceremony. Brown, who is nominated for three awards at this Sunday's Grammy Awards, is not scheduled to appear due to prior commitments, but he may actually make a surprise cameo, marking the first time that the former couple would be attending the same event in two years.

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, has reportedly been informed of the request to lift the restraining order, but he still has to go to court to have it officially modified by a judge. Since the situation took place in 2009, Brown has completed 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and has completed 581 hours of community service.

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