On Feb. 20, Robyn Rihanna Fenty turns 24. It's hard to believe that seven years have passed since she told us how to "dip it low" on her breakthrough single 'Pon de Replay.' Since her 2005 debut LP, 'Music of the Sun,' we've seen the 'We Found Love' singer become a household name thanks to the 25 million records she has sold worldwide, countless hits on the Billboard 100 and rampant tabloids and rumors she's managed to commandeer.

"Ooohhh s---!!! My bday is really in 2 freakin days!!! Old ass heifer, what am I gonna do????" the pop star tweeted to her 13 million Twitter followers over the weekend. At 24, Rihanna is hardly the "old ass heifer" she thinks she is. While she's supposedly spending her birthday in London, The BoomBox looks back at some of her past jet-setting escapades and song catalog to imagine 24 things Rihanna could do to make her 24th birthday one for the books. The 'Talk That Talk' chanteuse's love of the beach and boozy late nights plus the obligations of a world renowned three-time Grammy winner all come into play. See if you can keep up with the 'Good Girl Gone Bad.'

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