Decked out in a cape-length flannel shirt, ripped jeans and farm boots, Rihanna takes it to the fields in her new video for 'We Found Love,' the first single from her forthcoming album, 'Talk That Talk,' which she shot in Northern Ireland.

The controversial Melina-helmed shoot has already made headlines several times over, after Rihanna was scolded by a local farmer for wearing a black mesh crop top -- and nothing else -- causing the modest farmer to hop down from his tractor and give the 'S&M' singer a piece of his mind.

Rocking a red bandana as a top, along with a patriotic stars-and-stripes bikini, cut-off vest, bomber jacket and several other style choices, the Barbados-born singer gets down and dirty with some farm boys, naughty with British model Dudley O'Shaughnessy and inspires a topless mosh pit, as captured in a behind-the-scenes clip, which just hit the 'net.

"We're in Ireland, in Belfast. I think this is the perfect place for this treatment [and] this is the perfect treatment for this song," Rihanna explains, then invites the camera for a closer look, with a scandalous twinkle in her eye.

"I just took my top off! Now we're ready for the next look, we're gonna f--- on a tractor. Just kidding, we're not gonna f--- on a tractor," she mock-demures, while her makeup is re-applied. "We're gonna f--- on a hot ass car. That's why they're making me look cute, so I can f--- on a car. By the way, I kissed this guy [O'Shaughnessy] earlier today. I met him and I was like 'Hey, let's f---in' kiss."

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below. 'We Found Love,' will be released on her sixth studio album, 'Talk That Talk,' in stores Nov. 21.

Watch Behind the Scenes Footage of 'We Found Love'

Listen to Rihanna's 'We Found Love'

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