When you think of Rihanna, fashion almost immediately comes to mind. After signing on as the Creative Director of Puma in 2015, the Grammy Award-winning artist proves she's a fashion killa' yet again with her most recent collaboration with Manolo Blahnik.

Ri teamed up with the fashion icon for Denim Desserts, an exclusive collection designed for "a woman who wants to go for it.”

Like many Blahnik fans Ri Ri fell in love with the designer thanks to Sex in the City, Kerry Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), the shows main character had a severe addiction to the stilettos. “I mean, the way they talked about those shoes,” the "Work" singer said the April issue of Vogue UK. “It made any woman want to get them!”

Many women may want them, but only few will be able to snag a pair from the Denim Desserts collection.

“The first three are heels, [and] one is really exclusive. We only made 45 pairs because they’re really expensive to make,” Rihanna said. To style like the ANTI songstress it will cost you. Prices on the heels, which comes in ranges from a hues of dark and light denim featuring one sandal, pumps and booties will range from $767 to $3,483. The 9 to 5, embellished thigh-high boots she wore in Vogue will also be available for sale.

The Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Denim Dessert drops on Thursday (May 5) at Manolo Blahnik stores. Check out the collection at vogue.com.