Rihanna's ill-fated 777 tour has been reported about from a variety of angles, scoring less-than-stellar reviews from many of the 250 or so fans and journalists who claimed to have been virtually held captive aboard the singer's Delta 777 plane, whilst she partied and shopped for lingerie.

The perspective of Rihanna's team, her crew and fellow talent on the tour, however, has been kept under wraps. To that end, her opener, Italian electro-house producer Congorock sent Spinner RPM a detailed journal of his experience, offering a candid, enthusiastic behind-the-scenes recap and photo gallery.

From afterparties with Diddy and Cassie in Paris, to drinking and bonding with the 777 passengers and crew in New York, Congorock's tour diary paints a vastly different portrait of the supposedly disastrous press junket -- although both share a naked Aussie.