Rick Ross recently explained the inspiration for his new song "MC Hammer," "I just was reflecting on certain parallels of lifestyles...I always loved MC Hammer, what Hammer brought to the game, the energy. When I was young, Hammer had the females and the dudes, then he was rocking with Deion Sanders. Everything Hammer brought to the table, his lifestyle. I just kinda put a spin on it and put it into a record. I know he enjoyed it. Most definitely, he enjoyed it." Females and the dudes, most definitely, he enjoyed it. [MTV]

Drake discussed meeting Lil Wayne for the first time, "He was high out of his mind, getting these big wings tattooed on his body on the tour bus, for like six straight hours. And out of nowhere, everyone got on the bus and the bus started moving. I just kept my mouth shut. Rolled for like a week, ended up in Atlanta. That was the night we made our first bit of music together." Anything else would have been a letdown, honestly. [Heeb]