Taking on the catalog of the Notorious B.I.G. is ambitious in and of itself, but Rick Ross is tackling one of the late great rapper's most beloved classics. Rozay drops 'Nobody' featuring Diddy and French Montana as a homage to Biggie's 'You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You).'

The haunting 'Nobody' follows the same sonic blueprint as Big's original and deals with similarly dark subject matter.

Diddy opens the track with a serious pep talk littered with the word "motherf---in." "These n----s is roaches, these n----s is mere motherf---in mortals. I'm tryna push you to supreme being. Montana delivers the hook before the Maybach Music Group leader serves his bars.

"Havin' sushi down in Nobu / Strapped like an Afghan soldier / No where to go to / So it's bang / No survivors, only riders on my rider / Murder rate rises," Ross raps.

Diddy appeared on the 1997 original as both performer and executive producer. Not coincidentally, he produces on 'Nobody' and takes on the reins as executive producer of Rozay's entire 'Mastermind' album.

“Diddy is one of the greatest producers of all time and someone I respect,” said Ross in a press release. “He has a proven track record of not only creating hit records but also classic albums. It just made sense for me to have him be a part of this process.”

'Mastermind' drops March 4.

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