Just in time for Halloween, your favorite music stars have been immortalized on T-shirts that will certainly make you scream with delight.

Apparel company Carnivour Creates has released a trio of tees featuring Rick Ross, Michael Jackson and Ghostface Killah as legendary horror icons.

Rozay is glorified as Jaws, the killer great white shark from the classic 1975 flick of the same name. MJ is the werewolf from his ubiquitous '80s video 'Thriller.' Finally, Tony Starks is Jason Voorhees from the 'Friday the 13th' horror franchise.

The T-shirts are available now at $25 a pop which is horrifyingly affordable. If you like, you can cop all three shirts for $60.

Along with the tees, sweatshirts will be available on Oct. 17 at $40 each. You can buy them all at Carnivour Creates' official webstore.

Be the hit at your next Halloween party with these scary but cool T-shirts.

Check them out below:

Carnivour Creates
Carnivour Creates
Carnivour Creates