It looks like the rap feud between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is not over yet. Twitter was buzzing over Queen Barbz performance at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta on Saturday (June 17). According to fans, during her set, Nicki reportedly threw shots at Remy and her crew while their were sitting in the front row. But apparently, this didn't happened.

Remy Ma did performed at the Birthday Bash -- but it was hours before Nicki was scheduled to perform. When the Young Money superstar did hit the stage, she performed “No Frauds,” which is her diss song against the Bronx rapper. A fan wrote on Twitter that Nicki yelled "make some noise if you have a hating ass fraud ass bitch in yo life,” while Remy was reportedly in the audience.

However, Remy went on her Instagram account to dispel the rumors that she was in the building when Nicki performed. In fact, she left hours ago. To further show proof, she showed a document, which states that artists are escorted out of the venue once their performance is done.

The "All the Way Up" rapper also addressed Nicki about her bravado during her set at the Birthday Bash concert.

"I know, I know n----s is not out her trying to act like we was all in the same building and you was acting all tough and hardcore-ial," she said in the video above. "Do you know that nobody thinks you tough like that? It's actually quite painful to watch."

Remy Ma captioned the clip,"Everybody knows I'm still on papers & I really be on some chill s--t; perhaps that's why b*tches out here "FRAUDing."

Below are reactions from people who thought Remy Ma was in the building when Nicki Minaj performed at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert.

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform "No Frauds" at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta

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