New Jersey rap veteran Redman stands on a corner in the wee hours of the morning in the new visual for 'Hammertime.' The video is a short teaser for his upcoming album 'Muddy Waters 2,' set for release later this year.

The 44-year-old rapper drops classic Redman lines, which have always been a combination of psychedelic street talk and braggadocio. "Pardon me if the flow is suicide / I bully most of these rookies that get televised," he rhymes with the same '90's vigor that made him a star over a decade ago.

It's not hard to tell the Funk Doctor released the video just to let people know he's still lyrical and his flow -- unmistakably East Coast -- still has the same punch that knocked people in the head during his heyday. And the video itself looks extra grimy. It's what we expect from Mr. Noble, since he's used griminess to his full advantage ever since being introduced.

Can you believe this guy is only six years away from age 50?