Former Death Row rapper RBX has addressed the current state of Death Row Records.In a prepared statement, RBX lamented the fact that New Solution, the company who purchased Death Row's back catalog, has little concern for the fate of the label.

"I have been watching the three ring circus of these Canadians buying Death Row for the last year or so," RBX explained. "I just have one thing I have to ask these guys. What tha f--- were you thinking ... seriously? We all had a little bit of hope when this game started but due to the shananigans [sic], optimism is dwindling.

The former Dr. Dre affiliate went on to further discuss the situation, expressing regret that Lara Levi, the songwriter/lawyer who spearheaded the Death Row purchase, is being blocked from assuming control of the legendary gangsta rap label's extensive catalog.

"Word on the street in Southern Cal is that Lara Lavi, the woman these guys kicked out of the mix is seriously backed by new heavy hitters on Wall Street," RBX continued. "I have received phone calls confirming Lavi has a new deal. I don't know whether she on to something new or trying to buy back her company. I don't know the woman but damn she is truly unfadeable. So I have to ask, why do these New Solution guys continue to beat on her in court if she might just be the most likely candidate to buy them out given they asked for it last week."

RBX concluded with a plea to the current ownership. "I just don't get it. The fans and the artists deserve better than this mess."

RBX is Snoop Dogg's cousin, and appeared on Dr. Dre's classic 'The Chronic,' as well as several other Death Row classics. He has released 5 critically acclaimed solo albums, and has a forthcoming release, 'Concrete Criminal Gang,' coming later this year.

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