It looks like Ray J doesn't know when to let it go. The R&B crooner is reportedly planning to send Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the ultimate tacky wedding gift.

According to TMZ, the 'I Hit It First' singer will give KimYe a monetary gift of $47,000 from the 2014 profits earned from their infamous 2007 sex tape sold by Vivid Entertainment. It's amazing that after seven years, the flick is still raking in major figures. Here's the breakdown.

January 2014: $6,135.60
February 2014: $20,097.31
March 2014: $9,674.76
April 2014: $10,931.52
Grand Total: $46,840.13

Being a troll: priceless.

If this story is true, Ray J should be ashamed of himself. And word to the wise, Yeezy will most likely give Ray J a two-piece if he goes through with it. If you don't think so, just ask the young man he assaulted for insulting his soon-to-be-bride or the photographer he attacked last July. We're just saying.

Finally, TMZ reached out to Kardashian's rep to see if she will accept Ray J's gift but got no response. Duh!

However, they were told that if KimYe doesn't want it they'll donate the money to charity.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expected to get married this weekend in Florence, Italy.