Having conquered the world of sex tapes and reality TV, Ray J has announced that he's jumping into local politics. "I want to be the mayor of Carson California," Ray J explained. "I would show young kids how to aspire to go be a mayor or aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer...This hip-hop s--t and this music industry has got a lot of people clouded. They think it's the only way to go, or to put out a sex tape and be successful. That s--t is wack. You have to go out and use your true talent and read and learn. If I can inspire that by everything I've been through, then let me be the answer...I still got a lot of learning to do -- a lot of focusing, a lot of reaching back out to the community and a lot of paying my dues." And a lot of not having a sex tape. [HipHopDX]

Now that Trick Daddy has finished writing his first book, he's ready to get back to making music. But are the fans with him? "A lot of people love my music but it's hard to really say that they are #1 Trick fans; they've bought a lot of bulls--t over the years," he said. "And me dealing with lupus and getting in trouble with jail, had opportunities to put myself in situations with people saying, 'Trick don't like to work.' I'm telling you this, I'm ready to work, I go everywhere but the electric chair, 'cause I done seen, heard everything but the wind." True. [MTV]