When you're in the public eye -- appearing in either R&B videos or salacious sex tapes -- having smooth skin is crucial. This, presumably, will no longer be a problem for singer and sometime tabloid figure Ray J, who's signed a $1 million deal to serve as spokesmodel for Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum, Singersroom.com reports.

According to the post, the product "combines only all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, lavender, vitamin E and citrus oils to create a nutrient-rich blend."

Joining Ray -- brother of Brandy and ex-boyfriend of Whitney Houston -- on the campaign is actress Sophie Monk, who inked a deal for the same seven-figure sum. The pair recently filmed a commercial for the fancy shaving gel, and in the behind-the-scenes video below, they get pretty hot and heavy, testing out the product's ability to keep skin smooth on both dry land and in water. (By the look of it, it works its magic in the pool.)

The serum launches at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas later this month. Fellas, the best bet is probably to hold off on shaving altogether until then.

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Ray J's Prince Reign Ad

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