Ray J and Fabolous apparently came to blows this weekend while both were in Las Vegas to witness a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Victor Ortiz.

The 'One Wish' singer reportedly punched the Brooklyn rapper in the face as a result of insulting comments the latter made on Twitter, which were directed at Ray J.

On Sat., Sept. 17, Fabolous took to Twitter to express his opinion about a scene from HBO's '24/7' documentary on Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz. Ray J appeared in the visuals, playing his song 'One Wish' on a piano inside Mayweather's home. "Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing 'One Wish' on the piano had me in tears!!" Fab tweeted. ""Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice* N---- Ray J doin a concert in his living room... Lmaoooooo."

Ray J found no amusement in the 'Loso's Way' creator's jokes. In Vegas, before Fabolous was set to take the stage at the Palms Casino, Ray J approached him about the rude remarks and allegedly proceeded to punch him in the face. The singer, who was arrested following the incident, explained that Fab did not retaliate.

In an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club on Monday (Sept. 19), the West Coast native described the details of the event and why he took offense to the tweets.

"Don't disrespect me and Floyd like that," Ray J explained in a heated tone. "I play piano on that motherf---in' piano every day. That's my big brother, n---a we grew up together. So if you think that I just came over there and sang a song, n---a you got me twisted. N---a I'm over there everyday."

He went on to verbally attack Fab and his team, calling them "punk f-----s," and even proposed that he take a photo of his battered face for the public's viewing. "N----s sayin' Ray J got beat up?" he questioned. "I'll sock that n---a in his face again my n---a. All I'm saying is if you got Fabs number, tell that n---a to send a picture of his face right now."

Brandy's baby brother didn't stop there. Besides demanding an on-air apology from the rhymer, he stated DJ Clue would be the only person to squash the beef between them. But he still threatened Fabolous. "Don't disrespect me," Ray J demanded. "I'ma smack you up again, fool."