Rashida Jones is taking us back to the '90s in the nostalgic video for "Flip and Rewind." The track is a collaboration with Jones' nephew, Sunny Levine, who also goes by the name Boss Selection, for his latest album, Volume 1.

The comedian and actress posted a video with a musical ode to her favorite decade. But before she got into the song, she video chatted with Jermaine Dupri who made an impact in the '90s with his record label, So So Def. "Just a little sad," she said to the veteran hitmaker. "I just can't believe it's not the '90s anymore."

JD readily agreed as they started to name the various things they miss from the '90s: the music, the vibe, the clothes and the people. "Why was it so good?" asked Jones before she dozed off and woke up in the '90s.

Jones clearly drew some inspiration from '90s icons like TLC, Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige as she sported bandanas and big hooped hearings and oversized baseball jerseys matched with knee pads. She also sang while leaning against a wall as the camera peered on behind a gate. In another look she tributes New Jack Swing in an all white outfit.

Unfortunately, the Parks and Recreation actress had to come back to the reality of 2016. But she maintained nostalgic and in awe as she continued to speak with Dupri. "In some ways we'll always be in the '90s right?" she asked JD. "No," he hilariously replied.

Watch the video above and bust out your best running man, cabbage patch and wop dance moves.

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