**UPDATE**: According to Luke Long of the Diamond Cross Ranch, no one from the ranch has spoken with The Blast about banning rappers from their Wyoming ranch. In fact, they would happily do the event again and they were thrilled to have Kanye West and their guests on their property. There were no reports of noise complaints from residents in nearby lodges. Again, The Blast story is a completely fake.

Original Story:

Kanye West’s extravagant Ye listening party in the outskirts of Wyoming last week was reportedly too much for the local residents. The Blast reports that the Diamond Cross Ranch, where West has been recording his projects, has reportedly issued a ban on rappers visiting the ranch.

Apparently, the alleged ranch owner has enacted a policy of “no more rappers” moving forward. She tells the website that it was the “most confusing” event they have ever handled.

Admittedly, the owner says that she wasn't adequately prepared and was originally told that the listening party would be inside the ranch. But she said plans were changing “every 30 minutes,” and the ultimate location ended up being outside where the sound was so loud that the ranch’s neighbors were calling to complain about the noise.

For those whose invitations were lost in the mail, Yeezy invited several members of the press to listen to his latest album Ye. From various videos on social media, it appeared that West set up several large speakers on the property while people were enjoying the music around bonfires.

There is a strict noise ordinance which states that sounds after 10 PM must be kept under 80 decibels. At the listening party, the noise was up to 120 decibels, which is about the same noise as a chainsaw.

The owner reportedly said people who were staying at other lodges immediately complained about the deafening noise as she gathered her employees to reassure them that the noise would cease soon. She added that the party was supposed to end at 10 PM but it started at 9:30 PM and lasted well into the night.

The owner doesn't have any beef with Kanye West or the guests who were cordial at the event. But there will be “no more rappers” at the ranch. However, she is open to doing an event with “good music" -- whatever that means.

She also admits she severely undercharged for the event, and in hindsight, should have billed the rapper $50,000 for his outdoor shindig.

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