Following his widely successful album 'The Way I See It,' Raphael Saadiq is continuing to draw from Motown soul on his upcoming fifth studio LP, 'Stone Rollin'.' The 10-track LP, currently slated for a March release, is led by the single 'Radio.' The song finds the Oakland native going even further back in time by dipping into '50s doo-wop and early Beach Boys. It was released to the web yesterday and can be streamed at

"I've been rolling dice my entire career, taking risk my whole life, and still doing so. I'm Stone Rolling once again,' Saadiq told earlier this year, with KCRW's DJ Jeremy Sole referring to the project as 'his 'Electric Ladyland.'' 'Radio' echoes that sentiment, with Ray singing through a fuzzy filter over a jangly arrangement about a girl named Radio.

Though guest stars and producers are yet to be revealed, the former Tony! Toni! Toné! member could have some good company based on his last album's roster. The LP, released in 2008, featured contributions from Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone and Jay-Z. It was one of his most successful, debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 and later getting nominated for the Grammy for Best R&B Album.

Check the tracklist below.

Heart Attack

Go To Hell


Over you

Stone Rollin'


Movin' Down The Line

Just Don't

Good Man

The Answer

Watch Raphael Saadiq's 'Let's Take a Walk'
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