Rakim and Nas

Legendary emcee Rakim is speaking out on Nas track 'Unauthorized Biography of Rakim,' which is a tale of his life story. The verdict? Rakim is on the fence, but leaning toward the side of not feeling the song. Although the track was released five years ago, Rakim claims that Nas has yet to make amends for putting him on blast.

"I got mixed feeling when I heard it. Because you know number one, I'm a conservative person. I speak about what I feel I need to," Rakim said in an interview. "To do a biography about somebody that's like putting their business on wax. I felt a little funny about it at first and then not hearing nothing from Nas kind of confirmed the feeling."

Doubly unsettling for Rakim is the fact that Nas mentions the names of his children and other personal stories in the song. "You gotta' holla' at me man, something, otherwise I'm [going to] feel like you did it for a reason," he warned."Like, you have some kind of angle," he continued. "I never heard nothing from Nas, and me and Nas we don't have each other number, but we know people that know people who can get at each other. So, of course I feel a little funny because that's my business."

Hopefully these two can hash things out and call a truce on account of being two of hip-hop's most influential rappers -- and both hail from Queens, New York, the birthplace of Run DMC, LL Cool J and Q-Tip, among others.

Rakim's new album 'The Seventh Seal' is due November 17.

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