When Kanye West first emerged from his reclusive Hawaiian recording sessions, the Chicago-bred emcee visited Facebook headquarters to premiere new songs and hint that his future would contain a whole lot of social networking. Now, Raekwon has followed his lead, visiting the tech giant's Palo Alto, Calif. campus for a PR opportunity that featured ping-pong with employees and updating his profile photo.

After receiving a tour of the company's futuristic offices, Rae hit the pong table for some hardcore competition. "Still got it," Rae said, gloating after a win. "I haven't played ping-pong since motherf---in' 'Wu-Tang Forever.'" He then moved to Facebook's graffiti wall where famous visitors are able to leave their mark on the company. "I feel like I'm on the trains and all that," he joked, signing "Shallah Raekwon loves green paper" on the wall. "I want to make it colorful," he added.

The main reason for The Chef's trip is to get some initial press for 'Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang,' the rapper's follow-up to 2009's successful 'Only Built For Cuban Linx... Pt. 2' sequel. Rae also shows up on the new Kanye track 'Lord Lord Lord,' which feature Mos Def, Charlie Wilson and Swizz Beatz. The songs was released last week as part of West's free download initiative 'G.O.O.D. Fridays.'

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