Raekwon has blessed us with another spin on an old-school classic, and this time he chooses to rhyme over Stevie Wonder's 'Hey Love,' off the singer's 1966 album 'Down to Earth.'

"I stabbed her in the mouth and said, 'Peace you know I love you' / Meet me in the park let's park I'll blow a blunt with you  / N---- I'm the truth kid, last seen spotted in Vegas, your corny kicks on the last lost gators," he spits. "Soccer shirts, half-moon caesars word to Regis / They need us / The multi, my n----s move prestigious."

The Chef only rhymes for the first half of the song, then he lets Stevie take over and the original song plays to the end.

Last week, Rae dropped 'You Used to Love Me,' a dope take on the classic Faith Evans cut. Apparently, he's found a nice little niche rhyming over popular love songs, which seems to work extremely well. It'll be interesting to see what he drops next week.

Listen to Raekwon's 'Hey Love'