Wu-Tang Clan's chef Raekwon is refuting rumors that he has squashed his ongoing beef with Joe Budden. Members of Rae's crew allegedly punched Budden in the face last weekend during a stop on the Rock The Bells tour. The Staten Island, New York native released a statement via his Ice Water Music Company stating that he has not in fact made any comments regarding the incident.

"Contrary to various reports that have been circulating on the Internet since Saturday, Raekwon has made no statement, either official or unofficial, about a reported altercation that supposedly involved members of his entourage and rap artist Joe Budden," the statement reads. "This includes statements allegedly made to the staff of Rock The Bells. Raekwon and his associates are busy focusing on his company, IceH20 and preparing for the highly anticipated release of 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II.'"

Budden was streaming live from the concert when members of Rae's entourage entered the room. Ironically, the video stream was disconnected right before the punch was thrown. However, members of Rae's crew were filming for their IceTV Internet show but have yet to release the footage.

The beef began when Budden made negative comments about Method Man. Rae initially brushed off his issues with Budden. "I ain't got nothing against Joe Budden, " he said in a previous interview.

"I don't know him, I don't care for him, but when he mentions one of my brothers it's like 'yo you out of character b.' It's important to be yourself, but you've got to watch your mouth who you talk about because you never know. We're the type of n----s we don't give a f--- about that, we might approach you if we see you somewhere and really get at you."

Raekwon's latest album, 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II,' hits stores September 8.