Over the weekend, Kanye West began tweeting up a storm with teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, and now, the result of the frenzied exchange is an upcoming collaboration between the two stars and Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon.

Kanye initiated the Twitter talk by professing his love for Bieber's album and the single 'Runaway Love,' which he admitted to playing at least 17 times in one morning. "Yo Ghost and Rae were on one of my favorite Jodeci remixes of all time ... maybe me and Rae should hop on Runaway Love! FLEX would drop bombs!" West wrote.

Bieber was immediately responsive to the idea, and apparently so was Raekwon. In an interview with XXL magazine, The Chef revealed that plans for the collaboration are already in motion. "It's definitely gonna happen," Raekwon told XXL. "When you got these kinda talents merging together to do something exciting, I think it's something that's gonna make the fans check it out. I'm big fans of both of these guys. I think, at the end of the day, shorty is a sensation. And [for him] to acknowledge me it makes me feel good that the young generation is checkin' me out like that. And at the same time it gives me a position to play a big brother in the game. H wants my assistance or whatever, he can get it. I respect him, I like his style."

"At the end of the day we're all doing out thing in the game and for them to even just have a conversation and just put my name in it, it feels good," Raekwon continued. "It feels good to respect what I do and I respect what they do. And we gon' make a hit. Justin got his own fanbase and me and Yeezy got out own fanbase and we gon' make it happen. We gon' make a good record."