As Raekwon hit up a string of release shows for last year's 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2,' he had a special performance at New York City's S.O.B.s venue with iconic hip-hop forefather Kool Herc in tow. After the show, All Hip-Hop and Jump Off TV were backstage to catch the rappers reminiscing about the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard. We, of course, never get tired of ODB stories and anecdotes. As Herc shouts out one of the most unique men to ever wield a microphone, Raekwon lays out why ODB was a perfect fit with the RZA.

"ODB, boy," the rapper said. "We won't get another one of them. You get another ODB, you a bad mother------ ... If him and RZA wasn't wild like they was and thinking how they thought ... Remember, RZA was the smart one. He knew how to be a thinker. ODB was the action. You feel me? You put them two together, that's an ill combination."

It's hard to imagine a more successful match of a producer's deranged tendencies with an MC that can bring those ideas to fruition by going completely raw and individualistic at every turn. For a classic beat like 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya,' was there anyone else who could have done the music justice while also creating a classic party track?

"I know, and I've been around longer than a lot of Clan members knowing this..." Rae continued. "They gave me knowledge of self. They show a n---- how to really take this rap s--- to another level."

Check out the full video via Nah Right.