After releasing a fire mixtape dedicated to and named after two of his favorite rappers with - Nas & Em - and taking over Sway's Doomsday Cypher, R-Mean is back with a 52-week series called Mean Mondays, in which he drops a new track every week. This week, the Armenian rapper introduced fans to his latest song, "Pictures," featuring Joe Budden.

Challenging the meaning of the millions of pictures posted across various platforms daily, R-Mean and Joey ask fans to push themselves and think critically on the Pharomazan-produced record.

"All these pictures people take of themselves/Still they don't know who they are...We all got potential/What you gonna do with it?" the two rap on the hook.

"Pictures" delves into the life of R-Mean, who uses the three-and-a-half-minute single to look back at his first fight and the impact it had on his life. He also addresses what life is like having parents as refugees and how he never had a father figure. Basically, the West Coast-based rapper is asking people to think about the pictures they're taking and know what they're putting out there for the world to see before clicking "post."

Fans can catch R-Mean and Budden's new track on an exclusive Mean Mondays mixtape, coming soon.


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