Questlove’s new Pandora radio program, “Questlove Supreme,” keeps getting better and better. Last week, Questo chatted with legendary A&R man Dante Ross about ‘90s-era hip-hop. This week's episode is extremely special as the Roots drummer traveled to Minneapolis to talk with the "hardest working band of all time" The Revolution, including two of the original members Dez Dickerson and Andre Cymone.

The Revolution members Matt Fink, Bobby Z. and Brown Mark offer some startling revelations about working with Prince. Each of the group members talked about the late musician's work ethic and constant pursuit for perfection. From non-stop band rehearsals to Prince fining each member $200 because of a misstep that occurred while performing "Computer Blue."

The Revolution also talked about the musical rivalry they had with Morris Day and the Time. The tension was so bad that a food fight occurred between the Revolution and the Time. Eggs, cream pies and yellow mustard were used. At one point, Jesse Johnson of the Time got kidnapped and interrogated inside a hotel room. Yes, s--- got really real.

Up next was Prince's muses Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin. The two musicians reflected on their musical backgrounds and how they met Prince. Questlove also talked with two of the original members of the Revolution - guitarist Dez Dickerson and bassist Andre Cymone.

Later, Susannah Melvoin stops by to talk with Questlove about her relationship with Prince. Susannah, who is the twin sister of Wendy Melvoin of the Revolution, is the lead singer of the Family who had a chart-topping hit in the '90s with "The Screams of Passion."

Among her anecdotal stories include the genesis of the "Starfish and Coffee" song, which she co-wrote for Prince's 1987 album, Signs O' Times. Hint: It's about a real girl who had autism.

Overall, you have to “Join the Quest” and tune into "Questlove Supreme" on Pandora radio every Wednesday at 1PM ET. It’s a music lovers’ dream radio show. And you might learn something.

You can listen to Questlove's interview with the Revolution on

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