Legendary neo-soul musician Roy Ayers will be honored in an upcoming documentary titled 'The Roy Ayers Project.' The film will feature appearances from respected musicians, including Roots drummer Questlove, who will discuss the influence that Ayers had on his musical career.

"Roy Ayers is the godfather of neo-soul, there would be no true understanding of the Roots if it weren't for Roy Ayers," Quest said in the documentary's trailer. "Roy Ayers is the godfather of that whole movement, of the soul movement, of progressive hip-hop. He is the godfather of the movement."

Ayers began his career as a jazz musician and has released more than 20 albums and musical projects between 1967 and 2006, including his two albums 'Vibrations' and 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine.' His songs have been extensively sampled for hip-hop features, including Nas' 'Life Is What You Make It,' DJ Jazzy Jeff's 'We Live in Philly,' Mos Def and Talib Kweli's 'Little Brother' and Tupac's 'Lost Souls.'

Questlove, who has earned himself the status of a modern day hip-hop icon, recently addressed controversial comments from actress Ashley Judd, after she wrote off hip-hop as "rape music" in her new memoir. Quest responded to the jab on Twitter, writing, "EVERY genre of music has elements of violence. It speaks MORE volumes that in rap only a certain side gets promoted [sic]."

Watch Questlove in the Trailer for 'The Roy Ayers Project'

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