Days after Prince's gorgeous original rendition of "Nothing Compares To You" was finally released to the public, the love for Prince continues— this time via Questlove on Jimmy Fallon.

The Roots drummer/producer took a break from his gig as the show's house band and joined his friend Jimmy on the couch. Anyone who's even remotely familiar with Quest knows his "Human Shazam" title is well-earned, as his music knowledge is incredibly deep (especially if you listen to his podcast on Pandora).

"If there's one artist you know better than anyone else, it has to be Prince, right?" Jimmy prompts, as Questlove casually agrees.

Jimmy then proceeds to play the One Second Song Quiz, Prince Edition. After Questlove breezes through the first few songs, instantly recognizing one-second clips from “Raspberry Beret,” “Baby I’m a Star,” “Get Off,” “I Feel For You,” “U Got the Look,” and “Alphabet Street,” Jimmy ups the stakes.

Quest agrees to try to identify songs from only a half-second clip. He quickly correctly guesses Prince's “Mountains" to Jimmy's amazement. After that, Jimmy plays only a quarter of a second, and again, Questlove gets his Human Shazam on and immediately guesses "Under the Cherry Moon" correctly. It's seriously amazing.

Quest didn't win anything for his Prince knowledge— well, aside from a copy of his own book, Creative Quest, which dropped yesterday. Check out Questlove's incredible Prince-guessing skills above, and buy his book on Amazon here.


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