Unless you're an avid reader of Questlove's twitter, last night you probably missed what initially looked like a run-of-the-mill "here's what I did today" status update that actually linked to a lengthy personal confession by the Roots drummer.

Or was it? Though he's been known to get personal on his blogs in the past, the story he told on Sunday night was so outrageous that it has most people questioning its authenticity, especially considering references made to the upcoming Roots album, 'How I Got Over.'

According to the blog post, Quest's wife of 25 years (meaning that they married when he was 13) had an affair with Stevie Wonder. Though it contains few details, the seemingly genuine post describes Questlove's heartbreak over the damage Wonder has caused his family, previous attempts he's made to reach out to the legendary musician as well as ambiguous references to disrespectful statements made by Wonder about the incident.

The confusion really starts however at the end of the post, when Quest says, "This is a publicity stunt, I do have a record coming out in February called How I Got Over." Though this isn't the "just kidding" confession it may seem, as it's immediately followed by "I just need to close this chapter in my life and that means confronting our issues."

Other things to consider: the post contains links to a fake Stevie Wonder twitter account, none of this information (Questlove having a wife or child) appears on his Wikipedia page, Questlove referring to his "twisted fantasy," and the fact that since the story appeared, Questlove hasn't mentioned it in any subsequent tweets.

Most of the Twitter community seems to have decided the post was just for a laugh. If it's true, then Questlove has decided to go public with a very sad and painful personal story. If it's not, then this was a strange, unclear prank that is sure to at least get people talking.

Read Questlove's full post here.