The promoters behind Compton, Calif. rapper Game's ill-fated Canadian tour now claim that the controversial MC was detained at the Canadian border due to suspicions of gang activity.

While Game initially blamed The Substance Entertainment Group for "misleading" him into believing he would be able to freely travel to Canada to perform a series of scheduled dates, the promoters have responded to say that his own affiliations are to blame for his detainment.

TMZ reports that, despite securing all necessary permits and approvals weeks before he traveled north, the 'Red Nation' creator was stopped and detained "due to new information received that Game is affiliated with organized crime and is an active member of the Bloods street gang."

Game has freely discussed his loyalty to the gang in past interviews, telling HipHopDX, "I hold it down, I put Blood in on a mainstream level," in a 2006 interview, and even going so far as to title his new album 'The R.E.D. Album,' an overt reference to the gang's colors.

Contrary to the Game's reports that he is being detained for 14 days, Canadian border officials have also revealed that the rapper will be released in a matter of hours, following his hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board.

"While the Privacy Act prevents me from discussing the specifics of an individual case, I can tell you that your information is not consistent with ours. In addition, when a foreign national is detained, they must have a detention review hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) within 48 hours of their detention," a Border official told the L.A. Times.

Game's Canadian dates have been canceled and ticket holders will be refunded in full. Game's fourth album, The R.E.D. Album,' will hit shelves this summer. It's led by the first single, 'Red Nation' feat Lil Wayne.

Watch Game's 'My Life' feat. Lil Wayne
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