Young Jeezy has consistently pushed back his highly anticipated 'Thug Motivation 103' album and the project's producers are still feeling the pressure. Don Cannon, who produced Jeezy's hits 'Go Crazy' and 'Circulate,' recently explained how difficult it can be to find something that speaks to the times.

"The pressure with the new Jeezy record ... At first, I did, and the reason I'm telling you is because every time we've [come] bigger and better and stronger," he said in an interview. "Circulate,' the last record, was really a conceptual record. That's when the recession was kicking in in each city and people was feeling it. Bank accounts was getting low for everybody."

'TM103' has been on hold for quite some time, but Cannon says that's because there's a lot of thought behind it. "So this album, you gotta come up with a new concept. The concept of this album is 'Thug Motivation 103.' It's a new class to motivating people in the streets to keep they head on and get they money and live how they wanna live," he continued. "You've just always gotta think of what's better than what's going on right now."

The pressure to deliver a smash is multi-dimensional for the Atlanta producer. "This record that me and Jeezy have has to be either an outright club smash or a conceptual record to where people feel it," he said. "It goes along with the time period of 2011 and where the hip-hop game has gone. So there's pressure there, but at the same time, all you can do is be the artist you do, slap the paint on the pad and hopefully, something comes out there."

Jeezy's fourth solo LP has hit several speed bumps since its inception. The album, delayed since 2009, was last said to be hitting shelves on December 14, but is currently without a release date.

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