Only a couple of years ago the thought of Mobb Deep and Rick Ross collaborating on a song would have been laughable at best. But times change, and Prodigy told MTV News that the Infamous and Ricky Rozay have already recorded a song together.

"We did a joint with Ross," said Prodigy backstage at Hot 97's Summer Jam on Sunday (June 5). "It's in the stash right now. It'll probably be for the Mobb album. It's kinda crazy too."

Part of the reason a Ross and Mobb Deep collaboration was unexpected is because 50 Cent and the former famously got into a war of words with each other a couple of years ago. Mobb Deep was once signed to Fif's G-Unit, releasing 'Blood Money' on the label in 2006. Nevertheless, Rick Ross was one of the artists Prodigy reached out to upon his release from prison, after serving three years over a gun possession charge.

But fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to hear the product of this Miami and Queensbridge alliance. "We're looking forward to maybe, like, September. End of August, September ... we're shooting for around that time," said Prodigy. "We know they need that new music out there, something for the streets. We gotta feed the streets. It's a lot of different things happening in hip-hop. That's a good thing. You got different types of sounds, but you know we gotta keep what makes us going. We gotta keep our sound alive, that dark hip-hop. We're gonna keep that alive."

Watch Mobb Deep's 'Have a Party'
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