On Monday (May 9), a rep for Whitney Houston confirmed that the legendary R&B and pop songstress was admitted to an outpatient rehab program to combat her drug abuse. As details of Whitney's current relapse continue to emerge, Prince has been named as one of the celebrity pals who could no longer tolerate her antics.

TMZ reports that Prince's irritation pushed the 'Purple Rain' star to ban Whitney from attending any of his future concerts.

Sources revealed that the trouble arose after the diva attended a few of Prince's recent shows, where she seemed to be "intoxicated" at each event. TMZ went on to say that Whitney insisted on joining Prince on stage, but was denied the chance because his team "didn't want her to embarrass herself." Her last strike was making "excessive ticket demands," which eventually led Prince to ban Houston from any future performances.

Houston's battle with drugs and addiction has been an ongoing saga, which has been publicly splashed across the tabloids for years. Almost two weeks ago, she was voluntarily admitted to a California clinic for treatment.

The 47-year-old performer was forced to delay dates on the European leg of the Nothing But Love tour, scheduled to touch down in Berlin on May 12. Her current relapse reportedly occurred while she was on the road performing dates in countries that included Japan and Australia in the past few weeks.

Watch Whitney Houston's 'One Moment in Time'
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