With five days before Donald Trump becomes the nation’s 45th President of the United States, there’s uncertainty of what the next four years will bring. Hitmaker Polow da Don senses the tension from the American people and has launch the “Love Challenge” with the help of Cash Money’s R&B/pop group The Yrs.

"I feel like the world is at a turning point, for worse or better," he told Billboard. "The media is constantly showing us how different we are. And this song is an attack on that -- to show the world how much we are all the same!"

The song boasts hand claps, melodic guitars and the group's upbeat message of love and reconciliation.

"I still believe we can never give up / All that we need is a little more love / Just one spark to light it all up / So let's make a change, even Donald Trump needs love," sings The Yrs on the chorus.

Later the group sings, "And we shine through the darkest hours / No better time / To know your power / You can be whatever you wanna / Nothing can stop you / So many problems / We have to solve them."

"The challenge is to challenge yourself," Polow explains further about the song. "Everyone is fighting for their own rights, and that causes everyone to identify with a certain group, which ends up separating us more from each other, from all of humanity."

Polow is also optimistic that Trump will do the right thing by the American people. "Now is the time to focus on the people, put into perspective what’s important and deliver," he says. "Focus on serving and delivering the people who supported you from the beginning. And once you serve those people, everyone who doubted you and betted against you will begin to believe one by one."

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