After a two year investigation, the 2015 murder of up-and-coming rapper Chinx has been finally solved. Last week, two suspects were arrested in connection to the murder that left many questions unanswered.

To bring you up to speed, Chinx, whose real name was Lionel Pickens Jr., was shot and killed while driving his Porsche Panamera 4 vehicle in May 2015.

In an exclusive interview with XXL, homicide detective Lt. Richard Rudolph, who has been investigating the case since day one, identified Quincy Homere and Jamar Hill as the two suspects who “hunted” and killed Chinx over a six-year grudge.

The grudge started when Chinx and Homere were locked up at Rikers Island and the two engaged in a fistfight back in September 2009. According to Rudolph, Chinx won the fight. “We're not exactly sure what the fight was about but our perpetrator Quincy probably got the worst of it and he wanted to get back at Chinx,” he explains.

“When he saw Chinx's career starting to blow, he (Homere) took it real personal and figured that his [own] career was going south... It just festered inside of him," Rudolph continued.

The feud picked up in 2015 when Homere felt that he was being blacklisted by the other rap stars and wanted to direct his revenge out on Chinx. Rudolph says that in May 2015 Homere was in another car tailing Chinx, who was driving his Porsche, and when he stopped at a light, he allegedly fired a 9mm handgun into the rapper’s car, killing Chinx and wounding his friend and Coke Boys affiliate Yemen Chee$e (real name Antar Alziadi).

“Jemar Hill, he took part in the whole execution of Chinx... but there is only one shooter, and that is Quincy Homere,” said Rudolph. “They were just waiting for an opportunity. So they both acted in concert to kill this kid.”

Hill and Homere have each been charged with second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

If convicted, each face up to 25 years to life in prison. Hill and Homere are due back in court January 16, 2018.

Lisa Evers, of FOX5NY, broke the story of the arrest. She plans on doing a special Street Soldiers episode breaking down the Chinx murder investigation.

FOX5NY: Suspects Arrested in Chinx Murder Case

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