Plies is not afraid to hold his tongue. The Florida rapper is known for his biting commentary and infamous Instagram posts of “Sweet P---- Satday’s.” On Tuesday (Sept. 27), Plies shared his thoughts about Monday night’s presidential debate between Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In his hilarious video, Plies explained why he didn't watch the debate, and with good reason.

"You think I'm finna to sit down and watch two motherf---ing grown people lie to me for for two motherf---ing hours," said the 40-year-old rapper. "Mamma come calling me [asking] why Trump always so mad. 'Cause he's motherf---ing ugly, that's why he's always motherf---ing mad. You'll be motherf---ing mad too if you'se ugly. [Everybody] that I know that's ugly is mad."

The "Ran Off on da Plug Twice” rapper would instead rather see Clinton and Trump debate on some real issues that actually affects black people's lives.

"You want to motherf---ing debate something? Debate why you don't want to pay these schoolteachers no money," he said. "Debate why day care is so motherf---ing high. Women gotta to work 40 motherf---ing hours just to put one kid through day care."

"Debate some real s---," he finished.

Expletives aside, Plies may have a point when it comes to the presidential debates. And yeah, Donald Trump is not so easy on the eyes. We're just saying.

What do you think of Plies comments about the presidential debates? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

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