If anybody needs to take a Number 2, Plies got ‘cha. The outspoken rhymer invited his fans to his bathroom to show off his new presidential toilet paper. And this is not just some ordinary toiletry - this one is really special.

In the video above, the Florida rapper shows off his exquisite bathroom, which has a shower, a toilet and a bidet, which is a standalone washbasin that you use to clean your genitals and butt. However, as Plies suggested, if you don’t want to use the bidet, you can wipe yourself with Donald Trump toilet paper.

The "Racks Up to My Ear” rapper reveals his toilet paper roll printed with Donald Trump’s open-mouthed face. Plies encourages his guests to come over to his house and wipe away. “If you ever stop by the house, man, and take a motherf---ing number two,” he said, “I got something nice for you to wipe off with after you do that number two-two.”

"You can goddamn sure wipe away at the house," he continues, adding, "You can wipe away, I got a lot of it, too. If anybody need to take a number two, just holla at me."

After watching Plies' video, we wondered if the Donald Trump toilet paper is an actual product. We did our Googles, and come to find out, there are a few novelty stores selling various Trump toilet paper. So yeah, this is "a thing."

Check out Plies' funny video above.

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