Playboi Carti is back with a smooth banger called “Woke Up Like This” — and no it’s not dedicated to Beyoncé.

Produced by Pierre Bourne, the song features whining synthesizers, a bass-heavy beat and an infectious whistle riff. On the track, Carti and his partner-in-rhyme, Lil Uzi Vert, diss copycats who bite off their style now that they are rockstars.

"I woke up to n----s soundin' like me / Woke up to n----s talkin' like me / Woke up to n----s soundin' like me / Woke up to n----s talkin' like me,” Carti raps on the chorus.

Carti later raps about loving the fame and the women that come along with it.

"I'm in love with the guap, gave it a wedding ring," he raps. "And I swear I had these thots before I got the fame / And I swear I had the Glock before I got the chain / I'm in Bompton with Pirus and I don't even bang."

Meanwhile, Uzi Vert says that the groupies love him so much that he doesn't get invited to parties. But he doesn't see the haters pulling up because his Rolls Royce has curtains.

"These young n---- don't like me, but I just like / F---ed all of your bitches so they parties don't invite me / That bitch that's your wifey, she so trifflin' / I been getting money so don't nothing really excite me," he spits.

There's no word if the song will appear on Playboi Carti’s long-awaited debut mixtape, but it's definitely a song that will get major spins at club and in whips, alike.

Listen to the song above and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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