Pitbull and newly single singer Marc Anthony -- he and Jennifer Lopez have called it quits -- bring some much-needed reprieve from the heat in the video for Pitbull's RedOne-produced third single, 'Rain Over Me.'

The David Rousseu-directed visual begins with a shot of the Miami rapper cutting across the dusty plain in his BMW coupe to aid his collaborator, Anthony, who appears to be stuck in an unhappy relationship, in some kind of shack.

Pitbull spits some bilingual fire to get the ladies hot and bothered, with lines like, "Teach me baby (or better yet) freak me baby (yes, yes)/ I'm freaky baby, I'ma make sure that your peach feels peachy, baby." The liberated crooner and Mr. Worldwide then take their tailored suit party to the desert, where Anthony belts out the impassioned hook, entreating his lover to "Rain over me."

As the sun sets, the rain finally pours down, and the video turns into a celebration of bachelorhood, as Pitbull growls the bridge, "I was playin' with her, she was playin' with me/ Next thing you know we were playin' with three."

"People need to escape from everything that's going on. And ... if they're going to spend the last $20 they made -- and they only made $50 for the week -- they want to spend it having a good time, not running into drama," Pitbull recently told MTV, oh his formula for the perfect summer tune. "So I'm more than blessed to be a part of this summer and the great music out there."

Pitbull's 'Planet Pit' is in stores now.

Watch Pitbull's 'Rain Over Me' Featuring Marc Anthony

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