One of UGK’s classic songs is their collaborative tune “Int’l Players Anthem” Featuring OutKast. While the song boasts great rhymes from Pimp C, Bun B and Big Boi, it’s now been revealed that Pimp C wasn’t feeling Andre 3000’s a cappella verse, which kicks off the song.

On ItstheReal’s Waste of Time podcast, former Jive Records A&R Jeff Sledge said that Pimp C didn’t appreciate Andre sending back his verse without the drums under it.

“You know how it starts with Andre doing the thing. It’s kinda almost with no drums. It’s a capella and stuff," Sledge recalls. "When Andre sent his piece back and had no drums, Chad was pissed off He was like 'F--- Andre, man. How the f--- is he gonna send my s--- back and take my drums out? F--- that."

"He was going off about Andre taking the drums out. Andre had a thing," he continues. "Even if you listen to Andre’s stuff now, he has a thing. He doesn’t really like drums under his stuff much because he wants people to hear what he’s saying."

This is so true. Luckily, Sledge was able to convince Pimp C that his verse under the drums will help carry the song.

“I was like, ‘Chad, hold up fam,” said Sledge. “Let’s rock it like that because when Andre doing a cappella and then when the beat drops, that’s when your verse drops. And then you, your verse is gonna lift the record up because now the beat is rocking and your verse is kicking."

"And he’s like ‘Alright, Jeff. I’m gonna give it a shot. If it f--- up, it’s on you,'" he continues.

And the rest, they say, is history.

You can listen to the Waste of Time podcast on iTunes.

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