As we reported earlier today (Dec. 8), Kanye West is now home from UCLA Medical Center after having an emotional breakdown last month. Plus, he's already back to making music again.

Evidently, one of the first people to collab with him is Pete Rock, who was in the studio and posted some videos of the session. "Playing 45s in da lab with Kanye West," wrote the legendary beat-maker, who also recently re-united with his old group member CL Smooth.

All of the videos that Rock posted show a studio speaker that blasts out the most beautiful sounding music, like the first one that plays a catchy reggae tune.

In the second clip, a melodic soul sample plays and in the third — which could be the dopest of them all — is a beat that any MC would love to rhyme over, complete with a warm feeling baseline and faint bell chimes. The Chocolate Boy Wonder also shared a tracklist in one of the posts, which could be for Kanye's next album Turbo Grafx 16.

Meanwhile, a representative for Ye's wife Kim Kardashian denied rumors that the superstar couple were getting a divorce. Yesterday, we shared a Us Weekly report that said Kim was living at her mom's house, and she was trying to end her marriage. That isn't the case, though, according to the rep.

"Calm down everyone," wrote the person who handles the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Twitter account. "Kim and Kanye are not divorcing."

Now, we'll have to see if the College Dropout rhymer will be able to fully recover from his recent health scare, and if his new music will recapture some of that feeling and sound that a lot of people miss from him.

You can check out Pete Rock's posts below, as well as the possible Turbo Grafx 16 tracklist.

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