Salt-N-Pepa, known for their classic song “Push It,” may have pushed it too hard when Pepa took a nasty spill during a performance at the '90s Fest concert in Brooklyn, N.Y. last Saturday (Sept. 13). And yes, it was all caught on video.

In the clip, Pepa attempts to get closer to the crowd as Guns N Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" blares from the speakers. As she leaps between two platforms in front of the stage, she misses a step and falls down.

But a like a trooper, the 46-year-old rhymer jumps back on stage with the help of a security guard and continues to rock the mic. According to reports, Pepa only suffered minor bruises on her knees from the fall.

Pepa also turned the fall into her own personal joke. She blamed the slip up to her love for the Big Apple. "New York got me so hype that I bust my ass,” she told the crowd. “Y’all got me hyped up in here.”

However, her partner-in-rhyme Salt blamed Pepa’s misstep on the alcohol. “I think a little wine might be involved,” she said. Doh!

Well, you know what they say, don’t drink and rhyme. See what we did there?

Check out the funny video above.

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