Who is OutKast? Not much of a question for any real rap fan that hasn't lived under a rock the past 20 years. But sadly, not everyone knows the greatness of Andre 3000 and Big Boi. A new Tumblr page aims to spotlight those people ignorant of the legendary hip-hop duo.

The Who is OutKast? Tumblr collects tweets, posts and videos of people confused by who OutKast is.

"IDK who Outkast is but arcade fire and muse opening for coachella," tweeted one such naive fan about OutKast headlining Coachella Music Festival this year. "Guess I should see if I like OutKast soon," adds another, while one priceless reaction is, "Wait who's outkast?? Is that the group that sings 'hey ya' or am I confusing them with someone else."

It's unclear whether these reactions are ironic or sadly, truthful. In all fairness, Outkast's big crossover album 'Speakerboxxx/The Love Below' was released over a decade ago, so perhaps these responses are from very young fans.

The Tumblr page also highlights an interview in which actress awkwardly Chloe Moretz fumbles over an OutKast question. "Andre 3000?" she asks puzzled, when questioned on 'One on One' about if she knows the rapper being that she's from "Hotlanta."

Check out Who is Outkast? for more strange reactions.